Groups in the New England - New York Area working on Granular Materials

  • Eugene Stanley's group at BU
  • Sid Redner's group at BU
  • Dry Fluids Group at MIT - Applied Math
  • Anette Hosoi's Group at MIT
  • Dan Rothman's Group at MIT
  • John Williams Discrete Element Analysis Group at MIT
  • Howard Stone's Group at Harvard
  • Bulbul Chakravorty's Group at Brandeis University
  • Seth Fraden's Complex Fluids Group at Brandeis University
  • Arshad Kudrolli's Nonlinear and granular physics laboratory at Clark University
  • Don Candela's Group at UMass, Amherst
  • Alex Levine, UMAss, Amherst
  • Narayannan Menon, UMass, Amherst
  • Nalini Easwar, Smith College
  • Greg Voth's Group at Wesleyan University
  • Corey O'Hern, Yale U, New Haven
  • Lawrence M. Schwartz, Schlumberger, CT
  • Hayley Shen's group at Clarkson University
  • Mark Shattuck, CUNY, NY
  • Hernan Makse, CUNY, NY
  • Scott Franklin, RIT, NY
    Email additions to:
    Arshad Kudrolli
    Department of Physics
    Clark University
    Worcester, MA 01610

    Last updated July 1, 2003