Registered Participants (42) For the 2008 Granular Material Workshop.

Participant Affiliation Presentation Title
Valeriu Damian-Iordache GlaxoSmithKline Invited Using agglomerate breaking to model the performance of dry powder inhaler formulations
Kevin Safford Clark University Poster Structure and dynamics of a vibrated granular bead-chain
Hernan Makse City College of New York Invited Statistical mechanics of jammed matter and the nature of fruit packings
Pedro Reis MIT Invited How far from equilibrium? Structure and dynamics of a uniformly heated granular fluid.
Shubha Tewari Mount Holyoke College Talk Growing length scale in gravity-driven dense granular flow
Gregg Lois Yale University Invited Granular flow near the jamming transition
John Valenza II Schlumberger-Doll Research Poster Granular damping at various levels of relative humidity
Jiaju Ma ccny Poster First Order Phase Transition and the Simulation of a Quasi 2D Granular Fluid
Prasanta Pal Yale University Talk Figure-16 and beyond
Greg Voth Wesleyan University Poster Experimental measurements of the collapse of a 2D granular gas under gravity
Andreea Panaitescu Clark University Poster Experimental investigation of diffusion in a cyclic sheared granular system
Christopher Briscoe Levich Institute Poster Entropy of Jammed Matter
Dapeng Bi Brandeis University Poster Applying Soft Glassy Rheology to Granular Materials
Silke Henkes Brandeis University Talk A field theory for granular packings
Mitch Mailman brandeis physics Talk 2D Packings of Frictionless, Anisotropic Grains
Mark Shattuck The City College of New York
Tian Hao Vertex Pharmaceuticals
David Johnson Schlumberger-Doll Research
Ian Morrison Cabot Corporation
Seth Fraden Brandeis University
Corey OHern Yale University
Yuliang Jin the City College of New York
Ping Wang Physics Department, City College of New York
Kun Wang Physics Department of City College of New York
Arshad Kudrolli Clark University
Bulbul Chakraborty Brandeis University
Shomeek Mukhopadhyay Levich Institute, City College of New York
Kevin Facto University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Trushant Majmudar Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Don Candela UMass Amherst
Yee Lok Wong Department of Mathematics, MIT
Hongqiang Wang Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst
Narayanan Menon University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Dawn Wendell MIT
GREG FARRELL Umass-Amherst
Seila Selimovic Brandeis University
Adam Abate Harvard
David Holmes Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hector Gonzalez Physics
Jonas Mishara-Blomberger
Guo-Jie Gao Yale University
Helen Telila

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