7th Annual Northeastern Granular Workshop (Schedule)
Schedule [doc][pdf]


08:30 09:30

Registration and Breakfast

09:30 10:10

Prof. Jerzy Blawzdziewicz, Small granular systems and their relevance for descriptions of macroscopic granular packings.

10:10 10:25

Micheal Berhanu, Aggregation of athermal particles induced by capillarity.

10:25 10:55

Coffee Break

10:55 11:10

Dr. Ken Kamrin, General continuum law for dense granular flow.

11:10 11:50

Prof. Stephen Teitel, Critical Scaling at the Jamming Transition of a Shear Driven Model Granular System.

12:00 1:30

Lunch and Posters

1:30 2:10

Prof. Salvatore Torquato, Dense Packings of Nonspherical Particles.

2:10 2:25

Dr. John Valenza II, Granular damping at various levels of relative humidity.

2:25 2:40

Jingyu Park, Packing of Non-spherical Dumbbell Particles with Controlled Geometry

2:30 3:30

Coffee and Posters

3:30 4:10

Prof. Scott Franklin, Spherocylinder Packings and Wedge Hoppers: Life with Straight Lines.


Jessica Baker

Random Packing Densities of the Platonic Solids

Xiaoni Fang

Signal Propagations in Dense Granular Materials

Andreea Panaitescu

Self- diffusivity in a sheared granular material


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