Registered Participants (42) For the 2011 Granular Material Workshop.

Participant Affiliation Presentation Title
katia bertoldi SEAS - Harvard university Invited Soft grains: Functionality through instabilities and deformations
Ram Chand Beijing Institute of Technology
Jean-Yonnel Chastaing Clark University
Nadia Cheng MIT Talk Jamming as a tunable-stiffness mechanism for soft robotics: How grain properties factor into the design space
Julien Chopin Clark University Talk Building granular towers one drop at a time
Michal Dichter Brandeis University
Katy Gero MIT
Fatih Göncü University of Twente Talk Effect of particle friction and size distribution on macroscopic stress-strain relationship of sphere packings
Jared Harwayne-Gidansky Yale University
David Henann MIT Talk Elasticity of granular materials
Adam Hopkins Princeton University Talk Structural diversity of the densest binary sphere packings
Anette Hosoi MIT
Robert Hoy Yale University Talk Progress in Enumerating Sticky Sphere Packings
Shaymus Hudson MIT Media Lab
Rohit Ingale Pall Life Sciences
David Johnson Schlumberger-Doll Research
Ken Kamrin MIT Talk A nonlocal rheology for flowing granular materials
Justin Kao MIT Talk Pattern formation in coating flows of suspensions
Steven Keating MIT Talk Design Using Jammable Granular Systems
Peter Koch Stony Brook University, Dept. Physics and Astronom
Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy Yale University Talk Jammed States of Bumpy Spherical Particles
Arshad Kudrolli Clark University
Olivier Lieven MIT HML
Fushen Liu Exxonmobil
Vinothan Manoharan SEAS and Dept of Physics, Harvard University Invited A particle walks into an interface...
Etienne Marcotte Princeton University Talk Low-Coordinated Ground States using Monotonic Convex Pair Potentials
Corey OHern Yale University
Andreea Panaitescu Clark University Talk Crystal nucleation and growth in a cyclically sheared granular packing
Daniel Reeves MIT Talk (soundbite only) Dynamics of chemical deterioration near the surface of rocks
Pedro Reis MIT
Daniel Rothman MIT Invited Measuring Pi in Streams and Valleys
Carl Schreck Yale University Talk Vibrational density of states for granular solids
Ashwin Selvarajan Sampangiraj Yale University Talk Basin Volumes on the Density Landscape : Basin Profile Function Approach
Hansjoerg Seybold EAPS Talk How springs split; theoretical predictions and field observations of bifurcation angles
Mark Shattuck City College of New York Invited Granular Thermodynamics: Exploring (NESS) Non-equilibrium-Steady-State
Jongmin SHIM Harvard University
Shubha Tewari Western New England University
John Valenza II Schlumberger-Doll Research Talk Normal mode contributions to the effective mass of granular media
Dawn Wendell MIT Talk Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Digging in Granular Materials
Robert Yi MIT
Pawel Zimoch MIT Talk Capillary breakup rheometry of shear-thickening suspensions

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