Registered Participants (42) For the 2013 Granular Material Workshop.

Participant Affiliation Presentation Title
Kai Zhang Yale University Poster Can Packing Efficiency Predict Glass-Forming Ability?
Baohua Yang University of Science and Technology Beijing
Minglei Wang Yale Univ.
Charles Thomas University of Pennsylvania Poster Velocity fluctuations and the clogging transition
Shubha Tewari Western New England University
Robert Style Yale University
David Spaulding
Mark Shattuck The City College of New York
Carl Schreck Yale University Talk Shear Reversibility in Model Granular Systems
Julia Salevan Yale University Poster Characterizing shear-flow-driven erosion of granular beds
Arka Roy Carnegie Mellon University
Jared Rovny Yale
Jennifer Rieser University of Pennsylvania Poster The Dynamics of Failure in a 2D Granular System
James Puckett Yale Unniversity
Stefanos Papanikolaou Yale University Talk The crossover from random close to random loose packings of frictional disks
Nicholas Ouellette Yale University
Corey OHern Yale University
Narayanan Menon University of Massachusetts, Amherst Invited Random loose packings of frictional grains
Lisa Manning Syracuse University Invited Implications of random matrix models for vibrational modes of glasses
Craig Maloney Carnegie Mellon University Invited Soft particle suspensions near jamming: structure, diffusion, and rheology
Christopher MacMinn Yale University Invited Wave propagation in soft granular materials
Zhusong Li City college of New York
Mathilde Laplagne University of Pennsylvania
Eru Kyeyune-Nyombi Levich Institute-City College of New York Poster Experimental Studies of Jammed Colloidal Packings: Novel Methods for Imaging Contact Networks using Quantum Dots
Arshad Kudrolli Clark University
Lou Kondic NJIT Invited Mechanical response of granular matter exposed to impact
Mark Kanner City College
Yoav Kallus Princeton University Talk Worst Packing Shapes
Sourabh Kadambi Indian Institute of Science
Katharine Jensen Harvard University
David Henann MIT
Sara Hashmi Yale University Invited Asphaltenes: materials considerations from the micro- to the macro-scale
Stefan Elrington Yale University
Sachith Dunatunga MIT Talk Simulation of Granular Flow using the Material Point Method
Harry Charalambous Levich Institute
Don Candela UMass Amherst
Ted Brzinski University of Pennsylvania Talk The Nature of Drag in Granular Impact
Robert Blum Yale University
Thibault Bertrand Sorbonne Université
Julia Barzyk SETA contractor at Army Research Office
Sean Barrett Yale University, Dept. of Physics
Steven Atkinson Princeton University Talk Maximally dense packings of two-dimensional convex and concave noncircular particles

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