Registered Participants (45) For the 2014 Granular Material Workshop.

Participant Affiliation Presentation Title
Kai Zhang Yale University Talk Packing Efficiency of Hard Sphere Mixtures and Glass-forming Ability of Metallic Glasses
Shomeek Mukhopadhyay Yale University Talk Transiently Jammed Fronts in Shear Thickening Suspensions under Impact
Jay Tang Talk High permeability and efficient relaxation of agar gel-an ideal substrate for bacterial swarming
Francisco Lopez Jimenez MIT Talk Healing of defects in granular crystals
VIKRANT YADAV CLARK UNIVERSITY Talk Experimental Study of Channelization in Cohesive Granular Media due to Sub-Surface flows
Sachith Dunatunga MIT Talk Simulation of Granular Flow using the Material Point Method
Eru Kyeyune-Nyombi Levich Institute-City College of New York Poster Experimental Studies of Jammed Colloidal Systems: Novel Methods for Imaging Contact Networks
Anyu Hong Clark University Poster Threshold of granular erosion in a channel driven by fluid flow
Carlos Ortiz University of Pennsylvania Poster Slow Granular Dynamics In Fluid-Driven Annular Couette Flow
Charles Thomas University of Pennsylvania Poster Velocity fluctuations and intermittency in hopper flow near clogging
Ken Kamrin MIT Invited Modeling the nonlocal oddities of granular flow
Ruben Juanes MIT Invited Earthquakes, multiphase flow, and the poromechanics of faults
Eric Brown Yale University Invited Shear thickening in concentrated suspensions
Steve Sun Columbia University Invited A DEM-LBM analysis on permeability evolutions during the formation of a dilatant shear band
Mark Shattuck The City College of New York
Corey OHern Yale University
David Henann Brown University
Benjamin Allen Yale University
Ben Scandella MIT
Julia Barzyk SETA contractor at Army Research Office
ill ryu Brown University
Daren Liu Brown University
Odysseas Skartsis Brown University
Terry Tullis Department of Geological Sciences, Brown Univ.
Sheng Yin
Yuanyuan zhou
Xin Yi Brown University
Juha Koivisto University of Pennsylvania
Xiang Yu
Xu Liu Brown University
Bo Ni Brown University
Weilin Deng
Tess Caswell Brown U. Dept. of Geological Sciences
Don Candela UMass Amherst
Ramsharan Rangarajan Brown University
David Scheff Clark University
Julia Salevan Yale University
Hesam Askari MIT
teng zhang Brwon University
Ramin Ghelichi
Mark Kanner City College
Tyler Olsen Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Zakia Sultana MIT
Thibault Bertrand Sorbonne Université
Wenpeng Zhu Brown University

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