Registered Participants (58) For the 2016 Granular Material Workshop.

Participant Affiliation Presentation Title
Meng Fan Yale University, MEMS Talk The effects of cooling rate on reversibility and elasticity in model glasses
Rijan Maharjan Yale University Poster A new state transition in the rheology of dense suspensions
Abe Clark Yale University Talk Geometric strengthening of fluid-sheared granular beds
Kyle VanderWerf Yale University
Peter Williams Yale University Talk Modelling the mRNA-Ribosome Complex: A study of polymer diffusion in the bacterial cytoplasm.
Julia Salevan Yale University
Thibault Bertrand Yale University
Minglei Wang Yale Univ.
Andreas Bacher Yale
Tian Yu Virginia Tech
Lee Walsh University of Massachusetts, Amherst Talk Noise and diffusion in vibrated self-propelled granular particles
Narayanan Menon University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Shubha Tewari University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Deepak Kumar University of Massachusetts Amherst Poster Granular self organization by autotuning of friction
Neil Shah University of Massachusetts Amherst Poster Simulation of the effects of wall friction on hopper flow rates
Anwesha Saha University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sourish Chakravarty University at Buffalo
David Cantor Universite de Montpellier Talk Bonded-Cell method for particle crushing in 3D
Doug Hall UMass Amherst
Yiwei Sun UMass Amherst
Anthony Dinsmore UMass Amherst
Charles Lewis UMass Poster Cohesion amongst Grains in Charged Powders
Sumit Kumar Birwa TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences Talk Distribution of unjamming times of a vibrated granular hopper
Mark Shattuck The City College of New York
Joseph Paulsen Syracuse University Invited Multiple memory formation in a sheared granular suspension
Peter Koch Stony Brook University
Hamed Abdi Northeastern Poster Paramagnetic Colloids Under Rotating Fields: From Chain Through Chaos to Clusters and Molecules
Kerstin Nordstrom Mount Holyoke College
Isabelle Kim Mount Holyoke College
Emma Thackray Mount Holyoke College
Lilliana Beckmann Mount Holyoke College
Sherry Chu MIT
James Slonaker MIT
Sachith Dunatunga MIT
Patrick Mutabaruka Massachusetts Institute of Technology Talk Triggering mechanisms of immersed granular avalanches
Joseph Monti Johns Hopkins University
Joel Clemmer Johns Hopkins University
Marco Aurelio Galvani Johns Hopkins University
David Rivas JHU
Omer Gottesman Harvard University Talk Crumpling dynamics and the evolution of damage networks
Yoav Lahini Harvard University
Nick Gravish Harvard University Invited Ant collective construction and locomotion in granular substrates
Guga Gogia Emory University Talk Emergent Phenomena in 2D Dusty Plasma Crystals
Keely Criddle Emory University Poster 3D Flow through Porous Media
Aude Belguise Clark university
Nikolay Ionkin Clark University
Benjamin Allen Clark University
Andreea Panaitescu Clark University
Arshad Kudrolli Clark University Invited Sediment transport and channelization in rivers and fractures
Daren Liu Brown University Poster Continuum Modeling of Granular Flow Down Heaps
Kabir Ramola Brandeis University Talk Disordered Contact Networks in Jammed Packings of Frictionless Disks
Carl Merrigan Brandeis University Talk Force Network Response to Vibrations for Grains Jammed in a 2D Hopper
Jetin Elsamma Thomas Brandeis University
Jetin Elsamma Thomas Brandeis University
Bulbul Chakraborty Brandeis University
Aparna Baskaran Brandeis University Invited Active fluids and granular fluids : Comparing two inherently non-equilibrium systems
Anugu Abhiram Reddy
Craig Maloney Talk Gelation and mechanical response of patchy rods.

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