Pedro Miguel Reis

Research Associate
Granular Media Group
Benjamin Levich Institute and Physics Department
The City College of New York

(none) Steinman Hall 1M-10
140th street and Convent Ave.
New York, NY 10031-9198
Off: (212) 650-6842
Lab: (212) 650-8871
Fax: (212) 650-6835
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Research Interests: Nonlinear Dynamics, Granular Segregation, Granular Hydrodynamics, Fracture of Thin Sheets.

I am currently a Post-Doc in Mark Shattuck's lab. My scientific interests lie in the general area of nonlinear dynamics of systems driven far from equilibrium, which I probe primarily with experiments. Over the last few years I have developed particular interest on the physics of Granular Materials which is far from understood. During my Ph.D. I focused my attention on Granular Segregation. This is an interesting and counter-intuitive issue of binary mixtures, where an initially uniform mixture of particles can spontaneously de-mix under flow. Here in New York, I am currently developing an experiment where a quasi-2D granular fluid is created through vibration. We are using this system to study the validity of kinetic theory and to explore hydrodynamic-like phenomena. Another area that I have fun with is the fracture of thin elastic sheets. In collaboration with Benoit Roman and Basile Audoly, we are currently studying the oscillatory fracture patterns observed while tearing a thin polymer film (e.g. the film packaging in a new CD case) with a rigid object (e.g. a pen).

For more info, pics and videos on what I do, please visit my research pages.








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