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  • Oscillatory fracture paths in thin elastic sheets, APS March meeting, Montreal, Canada. (March 2004).
  • Gases, liquid and crystals in granular segregation, Transition and flow regimes in granular media workshop at the Granular and particle-laden °ows programme, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK. (September 2003).
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  • Gases, liquid and crystals in granular segregation, APS March meeting, Austin, Texas, USA. (March 2003).
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  • Patterns in the Sand at the 2002 Young Physicist Conference, Institute of Physics, University of Manchester, UK. (December 2002).
  • Coarsening of self-organized clusters due to segregation in a two-component monolayer of particles, at Dynamic Days 2001, Dresden, Germany. (June 2001).
  • Continuum modelling of granular media at the 1st CASM Workshop on Applied Mathematics, University of Cambridge, UK. (April 2000).
  • Neutrino Astrophysics: a modern perspective, at the XIII Youth Science Conference, Lisbon, Portugal. (July 1995).