Registered Participants (48) For the 2018 Granular Material Workshop.

Participant Affiliation Presentation Title
Kareem Abdelshafy Northeastern University
Benjamin Allen Clark University
Zoe Aridor Yale
Rituparna Basak
Thibault Bertrand Sorbonne Université
Jasna Brujic NYU Invited Evidence for Marginal Stability in Emulsions
Manuel Carlevaro CONICET - Argentina
Rahul Chajwa Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Talk Instabilities in settling array of discs
Chao Cheng New Jersey Institute of Technology Snapshot The precursors to stick-slip events in sheared granular systems
Nicholas Derr Harvard University Talk Numerical simulations of isotropic active gels
Meng Fan Yale University Snapshot Enhancement of quality factor of metallic glass resonators via cyclic training
Ross Flaxman NYU
David Henann Brown University
Khloe Hill Corey O'Hern
Samuel Hoang
Morgane Houssais City College of CUNY Snapshot
Adrien Izzet NYU Snapshot Tuning the motility of droplets
Katharine Jensen Williams College Invited Soft Interface Mechanics
Rausan Jewel Department of Physics, Clark University
Peter Koch
Lou Kondic NJIT
Arshad Kudrolli Clark University Snapshot Packing of soft filaments
Deepak Kumar University of Massachusetts Amherst
Cameron Lerch CRISP SURF
Chengdong Li Yale
Shihong Li Brown University
Daren Liu Brown University Talk Modeling Shear-rate-gradient-driven Size-segregation in Dense, Bidisperse Granular Flows Down a Vertical Chute
Craig Maloney NEU
Stefano Martiniani New York University (NYU) Talk Quantifying hidden order out of equilibrium
Eder Medina
Shahin Mobarakabadi Poster Segregation of a binary granular mixture in a vibrating sawtooth base container
Aya Nawano Yale University
Alexander P. Petroff Clark University Invited Fast-moving bacteria self-organize into active two-dimensional crystals of rotating cells
Justin Roberts University of Massachusetts Amherst
Benjamin Roque Clark University
Christopher Rycroft Harvard University Invited Strain localization and fracture in metallic glasses
Zhejun Shen Umass Amherst
Alexandra Signoriello Yale University
Harkirat Singh Brown University
Shubha Tewari University of Massachusetts, Amherst Snapshot
Nonie Thomas Harvard SEAS Research Intern
Jack Treado Yale University Talk Local and Connected Voids in Protein Cores Reveal Random Close Packed Structure
Kyle VanderWerf Yale University Snapshot Zero-gravity geometric cohesion simulations of three-dimensional non-spherical particles
Lee Walsh Wesleyan University
Philip Wang Yale University Snapshot Mixing and segregation of vibrated and sheared granular beds
Qikai Wu Yale University Snapshot Acoustic response of 2D granular crystals

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