Registered Participants (14) For the 2018 Granular Material Workshop.

Participant Affiliation Presentation Title
Kareem Abdelshafy Northeastern University
Benjamin Allen Clark University
Rahul Chajwa Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Talk Instabilities in settling array of discs
David Henann Brown University
Samuel Hoang
Lou Kondic NJIT
Chengdong Li Yale
Shihong Li Brown University
Daren Liu Brown University Talk Modeling Shear-rate-gradient-driven Size-segregation in Dense, Bidisperse Granular Flows Down a Vertical Chute
Stefano Martiniani New York University (NYU) Talk Quantifying hidden order out of equilibrium
Shahin Mobarakabadi Poster Segregation of a binary granular mixture in a vibrating sawtooth base container
Alexandra Signoriello Yale University
Jack Treado Yale University Talk Local and Connected Voids in Protein Cores Reveal Random Close Packed Structure

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