8:00A- 9:30A   Breakfast and registration
   9:30A-10:10A   Lisa Manning, Syracuse University
                    -Implications of random matrix models 
                     for vibrational modes of glasses
  10:10A-10:30A   Steven Atkinson, Princeton 
                    -Maximally dense packings of two-dimensional 
                     convex and concave noncircular particles
  10:30A-11:00A   Coffee break
  11:00A-11:40A   Christopher MacMinn, Yale University
                    -Wave propagation in soft granular materials
  11:40A-12:00P   Ted Brzinski, UPenn
                    -The nature of drag in granular impact
  12:00P- 1:30P   Lunch and poster session
   1:30P- 2:10P   Narayanan Menon, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
                    -Random loose packings of frictional grains
   2:10P- 2:30P   Stefanos Papanikolaou, Yale 
                    -The crossover from random close to random 
                     loose packings of frictional disks
   2:30P- 3:10P   Craig Maloney, Carnegie Mellon University
		    -Soft particle suspensions near jamming: 
                     structure, diffusion, and rheology
   3:10P- 3:30P   Coffee break
   3:30P- 3:50P   Yoav Kallus, Princeton 
                    -Worst packing shapes
   3:50P- 4:30P   Lou Kondic, New Jersey Institute of Technology
                    -Mechanical response of granular matter exposed to impact
   4:30P- 4:50P   Sara Hashmi, Yale
                    -Asphaltenes: Materials consideration from 
                     the micro- to the macro-scale

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